These are some of the applications that I've made recently.

Pairings Online

online pairings distribution system used for scaling large MTG tournaments.

facebook bot

An application that helps distribute pairings to help large Magic: The Gathering tournaments.

facebook messenger bot.

Tech Used: ReactJS, Redux, Material UI, Firebase, Node, Express, GraphQL.

Secret Message Maker

send encrypted messages to your friends!

secret message maker
An application that lets users encrypt and decrypt secret messages using a special passphrase.
Tech Used: React, React-Toolbox, Node, Express, Axios, Material Icons, Heroku.


Chat with your friends in this chatroom. Also you add items to your todo list!


An application that lets users chat with each other. Also can add things to the todo list.
Tech Used: Angular, Sockets, Nodex, Express, JWT. Other things made with Angular

a place to explore your mood.

moodly is a mood-based content generator that gives you a GIF, a Youtube video, and a quote.
Tech Used: React, Node, Express, Youtube API, Musicovery API, Wikiquote API, Sequelize, MySQL, React Bootstrap, Material UI, Mocha, Chai.

Simon Sings

Simon Sings
Simon Sings is a music playlist creator and aggregator built on the Soundcloud API.
Tech Used: React, Node, Express, Soundcloud API, React Toolbox, SocketIO, Karma, Jasmine, Python MySQL.

Social Gaming Network (SGN)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
SGN is a social networking application that combines multiple gaming platforms.
Tech Used: Angular, Node, Express, Steam API, MySQL, Bootstrap, SocketIO