This post mainly outlines how I remember the experience of Hack Reactor. I'm not sure how much value this brings to the reader, but I imagine you can learn some number of lessons from it. Note: I'm doing this strictly from memory, I have no notes or anything. If things

These are some of the applications that I've made recently. Pairings Online online pairings distribution system used for scaling large MTG tournaments. An application that helps distribute pairings to help large Magic: The Gathering tournaments. facebook messenger bot. Tech Used: ReactJS, Redux, Material UI, Firebase, Node, Express, GraphQL. Secret Message

Hi, my name is Wilson Yu. I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm a very passionate full-stack software engineer. I've had a natural affinity towards math and logic. By systematically breaking down everyday situations, it lets me see, experience, and understand the world in a