If you're here, I'm assuming you already know a good bit of Javascript. But if for some reason your goal is entirely getting started hopefully this will help. One of my close friends is a electrical engineer. I asked him if he wanted to get into Javascript + Web development and

The phrases Virtual DOM and Shadow DOM sound fairly similar. And there seems to be a bit of confusion on the differences. But the two are radically different, so hopefully this blog post will help clarify the differences between the two. Shadow DOM The Shadow DOM is part of HTML

em·pa·thy noun the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. If there's one thing I've learned that America needs is empathy. At the end, I'll talk about how it applies to SWE, but first just some food for thought. After the election finally ended, one of

This is a quick tl;dr on why Redux is used. When I first got started at using React, people kept talking about this whole Redux shenanigans. I had no clue what it was for and why it was used. I really wished someone could've given me a brief overview